Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Ramblings from Emily

Hello all you beauties!
Em here, and I felt really compelled to write this post. Ashley is probably going to make fun of me for this but secretly agree ;-)

We did it! we're at 115 subscribers! I know y'all are all like "uh but blair has 200,000 + so you're nothing" And you're right, we are the moment. Personally, I think Ashley and I have a lot to share with the beauty community. I love all the beauty gurus on youtube but I feel like a lot of them have lost a personal touch with the fans. I want to bring that personal touch back. I know Ashley and I try really hard to keep up with every subscriber and every comment just to thank for checking us out and giving us a chance, and I promise whether we blow up or stay small we will ALWAYS answer everyone back. It is SO important for us to talk with our subscribers because HELLO! Y'ALL ARE THE REASON WE ARE EVEN ON YOUTUBE! Y'all mean the world to us, and we hope to expand our little family:)

Also, something I realized today-- looking my best really does help me feel my best. Like I've said in every video, I don't put a ton of effort into getting ready for my 8 AM classes (which I have everyday, YIKES) just because I don't feel the need to impress anyone there haha. Well today I was feeling really sluggish and just "blah" even after I got home at 10 AM. I thought, 'oh maybe i'm just tired' so I got back in bed. Discovered I wasn't tired. Tried catching up on shows. Nope, still blah. Tried like every little thing...until I finally decided to get up, straighten my hair and do my makeup. I swear on everything It was like an instant lift in my spirit. I know y'all are all thinking, wow you're that shallow? No, trust me, I love to run around without a drop of makeup, what I'm saying is, when you look your best, you give yourself that confidence. Confidence is ALWAYS in style and always sexy. I've decided that no matter what I'm going to get up early enough to primp and doll up before classes. Not to mention, it's more motivation to not sleep during the day(because I'm all done up haha)

Anyways, just some thoughts.
Stay confident and stay beautiful!

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  1. hi emily! its Parangapunky!
    it really means a lot for us
    when u and ashley replied to
    ur comments, and that u really
    care about us, that share what
    u know without trying to sell
    us something. keep being who u r ,
    cuz' u both r amazing!